Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Make your own yogurt! - no fancy equipment needed!

You will need:
1. Thermometer (you don't have to have this)

2. Jars for the yogurt (oven safe)
3. ½ gallon milk 
4. ½ cup yogurt 
5. Your oven!

Turn your oven to the lowest setting and leave it on for 20 minutes, and then turn it off. Turn the oven light on as well and leave it on. While you're waiting for the oven, pour all but a cup of your milk into a pot and heat until you see little bubbles on top. (Take the cup of milk you saved and mix it in a bowl with the yogurt)  Turn the heat off and cool to 115°F, or until you can stick your finger in the milk comfortably. SLOWLY mix your yogurt into the pot (using very few stirs). At this point your oven should be off, light on. Carefully scoop the mixture into your jars. I recommend putting the jars on a cookie sheet so you can carefully place them in the oven. Leave in the oven for a minimum of 4 hours. Once they thicken up, take them out and let them cool before storing them in the fridge! I mixed berries in mine and used small, individual size jars. Perfect for breakfasts!  Enjoy!  

Recipe adapted from other recipes and experience. 

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