Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Clean your face with olive oil! (Seriously!!)

Yup, you can clean your face with oil. I'm not even kidding! I've used this for years, and after getting made fun of for years, people are now asking how my skin is so clear. It's not gene's, trust me!  I've always had problems with acne. It was hard to convince myself to try this oil cleaning method. OIl on oily skin? Yeah, it just didn't vibe right with me. But it works! 

Okay, so here's what you do! Get some olive oil and rub it on your face. There are two options from here. You can leave it on , or if you have makeup on or you do this in the morning, use this next method.  Take a washcloth and turn your hot faucet on. Not too hot though! Wet the washcloth and put it over your face. Let it sit there for a few seconds to steam your face and then wipe it all off. Your skin will look and feel better. It's natural and it works! Let me know if you try this. I personally love it!


  1. You know what's even better? Using it with sugar, to exfoliate your skin!

    1. True! But washing off oil is difficult to do and using a washcloth to wipe it off might get messy. I do love using sugar and baking soda (in the shower) as a lip scrub or even a body scrub! What other tricks do you know?