Thursday, August 30, 2012



1945 SE Water Avenue/800.955.6674

HOURS OF OPERATION: 0930 - 1900/PARKING: Parking lot/PRICE: &/&& 

OMSI is a great way for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy some fun, while learning about science.Even though I am an adult, I find that people my age (30) still enjoy this museum. This is a great place for parents to take their children as well. There are two sides. One is more interactive (more things for little hands) and the other has more exhibits. They generally have a new, touring exhibit, every few months. Well worth the time and money! Take note that at times, the museum can be packed and loud. If you don't like children, stay away. But if you like science, then you will love OMSI! 

STARS: 9/10

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