Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to repurpose Polaroid duds.

Anyone else find that they have some Polaroid photos come out blurry or too dark/light? I did. I felt horrid about the thought of just throwing the duds away in the trash when they are just SO cute. So I thought, why not turn them into little chalkboard Polaroids?? Best idea I've ever come up with. Here's how I did it:

Gather your supplies: tape, chalkboard paint, paint brushes, and of course your Polaroid duds.

Tape your Polaroid down and cover everything but the picture portion. This makes it easy to just paint and not worry about getting it on the white portion.

Go crazy!

You may have to do multiple layers. Let it dry overnight.

Now gather your finished Polaroid, wet wipe, and chalk.

Now wipe on the chalk and then wipe off with the wet wipe (water works fine too). Do that a few times with the chalk to set the chalkboard portion up.

Write your message, hang, add a magnet to put on the fridge, or send to friends, and enjoy!!

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