Friday, June 28, 2013

My favorite workout app!

I only sometimes like working out. I often "workout" during my day by walking my dog, doing household chores, or by working in my garden. Working out by running or using a treadmill? It's just not going to happen! It's boring and the time seems to tick by so incredibly slow. I used to go to a gym, but I was also in the midst of my eating disorder and used it as a way to burn as many calories as I could. I didn't use for the right reasons at all. So for me, it's a negative place and I kind of feel like a mouse on a wheel while I'm there. It's just weird!

Last year, I found this app called Boot Camp Challenge. It was free at the time ($3.99 now and worth every penny!), so I figured why not. Turns out that it is a really fun app to use. You constantly are doing something different every 30/60/90/120 seconds. The lady shows you exactly what to do and you can even add music from your library, so you can rock out while working out. You also start off easy and work your way up. She roots you on and even gives you rest days! You don't need fancy equipment and you can change out workouts for others. It's a nice app and I find myself using it on days when it is raining outside, or when I just need to let off some steam. Here are a few screenshots from the app (credit to itunes).

Kind of cool, right? I think so! Look for it on itunes or click on the logo above. If you try it let me know what you think! (I have, in no way, been paid to say these things about this app. All opinions are my own. I only wish they paid me! ;D). 

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